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Classic Briefcase
Aled Nelmes
Great Capacity & Customer Service

I've enjoyed multiple purchases from Wills but this has definitely been one of the best. The bag has a brilliant capacity - enough for two laptops and looks amazing. When the strap broke, the team sent a new one straight to me. Thoroughly impressed and can't wait to make my next order.

Footbed Sandals
Doa Khan
Very comfortable for walking all day

Perfect for going on trips and running errands that involve walking all day (even in the rain). No need for breaking in either. Definitely on the bigger side in terms of sizing. I had to return my original order and exchange it with a smaller size which was very easy to do thanks to excellent customer service.

Dock Boots
Steven Palmer
Mystery squeaking

My dock boots are so cool,comfy and stylish and way better than the Timberland boots i wore before i was woken,my only critisism is that booth heels of the boots squeak as i walk which is quite embarassing as ive not wore them many times.

They are actually Waterproof!

I really like these shoes to the extent that for many walks I prefer them to full walking boots (where the terrain demands more in the way of ankle support/protection, etc.), They are advertised as being waterproof - and they are! Not that I should be surprised but often the "waterproof" tag on some boots seems to be just for decoration.

I have had them for about 18 months and would guess they have done a couple of hundred miles on fairly rough surfaces with no sign of wear. Grip is good as is comfort.

In terms of size, the sizing seems to accurate - I am actually an 8.5 (UK) so had to buy a size 9 but adjusted for this with a orthotic insert which filled the excess volume nicely. (I am flat footed anyway so may have needed an insert anyway although the arch support seems pretty good without.)

Would buy another pair when needed.

Dock Boots
Adrian Pastoriza Colilla

Dock Boots

Deck Shoes
Phoebe Valentine
Very comfy!

I love these shoes. Colour is a bit different to how it appears on my computer screen but I probably just have a bad screen. Was expecting more of a dark chocolate-chestnut colour and they are definitely more true chestnut.
My feet are on the slimmer side so often summery style shoes slip off but that isn't an issue here, they fit very well without being cramped and the laces offer a degree of customisation - I have mine done up quite tight. They are my first pair of Will's shoes and I am totally surprised at how comfy they are!

Lucy Clemson
Beautifully made shoes

I love these shoes, they are so well made. Their elegant shape and almost flat heel injects effortless chic into pretty much any outfit. The material is excellent, too - just like suede, minus the cruelty. What’s not to love?!

Slip-on Loafers
Sarah Maynard
A good ethical choice

Well made and comfy, chosen as an Ethical Consumer Best Buy.

Comfy waterproof work boots

After much hunting around for vegan women's steel toe cap work boots I decided to purchase these and no regrets. I work outside in Conservation and these boots have never let me down! I've been wearing these for 7 months now and have never got wet feet even when submerged in muddy bogs up to my ankle. I've had days where I've been walking up and down steep banks on the moorland and have had about one blister, they are super comfy. The only thing I would say is they come up quite big size wise, I'm a size 6 and had to return them for a size 5 and have room for thick socks although I do have narrow feet. Return procedure super easy and my money was transferred back very quickly. Amazing pair of work boots for anyone who needs composite or steel toe whilst having comfy feet all day. Worth the price as they will last plus they look good too!

Smart Sneakers
Margherita Bertolio
Vegan Clark sort shoes

Despite a little production mistake (the insole was glued a little bit folded underneath the base of the big toe and at the beginning this was quite uncomfortable, however with the time the fold got flatter) the shoes are very comfy and I use them all the time for my work standing long hours.

Lovely work shoes

I bought these during lockdown so haven’t worn them as much yet as I’d anticipated. It’s good to have them ready for the next academic year! They are great with thick black tights and a variety of clothes from my work wardrobe. Highly recommended.

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Erica Softley
Very comfy and durable

Bought for work, was a bit worried about how they'd stand up to the near constant use but wore them every day through the winter and a few times outside of work, they still look great and really comfy (I also have wide feet and often find chelsea boots narrow, no issues with these).

Great shoes

So glad to have found vegan kids school shoes. They are comfy and design is simple but still very smart for school. We owned two pairs of them already, first one lasted a bit longer then the second one though, but i will buy them again for my boys.

Good shoes

These shoes are the good quality I've come to expect from Wills. They aren't cheap, but last so much longer than rubbish non-leather cheap shoes from high street shops they are worth it. However, I got the pinky beige version, which rubbed my heel and I ended up with obvious blood stains on my shoes. They are also the worst colour for rainy days, and I wear sandals in summer. So I have hardly worn them.

Work Boots
Gareth Marshall

Stylish and super comfy, love them to bits and wearing really well so far.

WVSport Freedom Trainers
Samantha Powter

Extremely comfortable. Love these trainers.

Work Boots
Tim M
Uncomfortable, with a broken hook

After a few days of wear, one of the lacing hooks partially popped out so can no longer be laced properly. On the other boot, although the size seems right, the boot rubs against my outer ankle bone (through a sock) and will draw blood if I walk for more than an hour... so I just don't do that now. Apart from that, they seem like great boots.

Still, kudos to Will's for asking for a review a long time after purchase, that makes a lot of sense!

Low Rig Boots
Joshua Butcher

Low Rig Boots

Great Boots

Bought these for work but haven't had much of a chance to wear them thanks to global events so can't say much to their durability. They feel lovely and soft and look great in my opinion. Very comfortable too - I have wide feet and often need to go up a size but didn't with these and they fit well.

Classic 3cm Belt
bob phillips
Still in the condition it was bought in

Bought a year ago, excellent quality, like leather. Still in good condition (although worn a quarter as much as I would in a normal (non-pandemic) year.

Milan Trainers
Jonathan Glick
Good Quality

These are very well made, waterproof and long lasting shoes, incredibly sift but firm, it makes you wonder why all shoes can't be made of this material.

Lovely shoes

Great shoes. Very comfortable and supportive. I bought two pairs as so impressed. And no animal cruelty...

Dock Boots
Nigel McMeekin
Dock Boots

These are comfortable & durable boots that don’t seem to show wear despite heavy use. Strongly recommended.

Knee High Boots
Tess Weller
Great boots

I have worn them an awful lot and they havent worn down at all. Still look great! Essential for autumn/winter.

Clog Footbed Sandals
Andy Burrows
Nice sandal

Cool shoes that are ultra comfy!