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Sean Conway


Good hiking boots

Happy with this purchase. Boots arrived quickly and they have been tested once under the rain on a camping trip and were great.

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Ilana Langdon
Picky daughter loves these

What more can I say. They are comfy and smart. She is an officer cadet so standards are high!

A good buy

They fit me well, look good and are easy to clean. I'd buy again, though they are a little expensive.

Great jacket, wouldn't mind a gusset in the armpits for the next generation of this jacket

I just feel slick wearing this jacket, a vegan bad-ass. But if for any reason I want to raise my arm while wearing it there isn't any armpit flexibility. I love it and haven't need to raise my arm while wearing it, but having that little extra flexibility that a gusset provides would be nice for the an updated version.

The best

I've had these sneakers for 2 years. They are my travel shoes. Walked in Barcelona, Paris, Denver, day after day in hot and cold weather. They were perfect. My feet never hurt once


These smart looking shoes are well made, durable, and attractive. I still get compliments on these, and they hold up well with all the commotion I put them through. Very impressive in comparison to other shoes from Will's. I would recommend this shoe to someone who wants style and resilience fit for most occasions. I wouldn't mind seeing Will's expand their colorways on this one. I would definitely get another pair. I have the dark brown, and have no need for the black ones. Time will tell. Fingers crossed

Runs small, which is unfortunate.

Stylish shoe, but I cannot determine if they are comfortable or not, as they are too narrow for my feet! I ordered the same size as the non penny espadrilles that I already had, and the difference is astonishing. These are unwearable for me, so I will just donate some unworn $70 shoes to someone with tiny feet. Now if they can introduce some additional colorways in the standard recycled espadrille loafers, we'd be all set.

Hi Ricardo,

I am really sorry the fit of these was not right for you.

If your shoes are unworn you can use our 365 days free returns service to send them back for a full refund.

Also - for your peace of mind If at any point you are not happy for any reason just let us know - we will always refund, replace or try to repair any purchase you make with us.

Just reply back to this message to let us know how you would like to proceed and we can help you further.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be any more help at all,


WV Sport Walking Trainers

Robust, comfortable, just right for dog walking in the better weather though they’re also water resistant in damper grass. Would recommend.

Goodyear Welt Loafers
Ross Carter

Goodyear Welt Loafers

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Yasmim Pessoa
Love them!

I've been wearing these boots for almost three years now. They are great for pretty much all occasions and most weathers.

365 days free return and exchanges

Dock Boots
ERICK italia

the most comfortable boots i've ever had! makes Dr Martens feel like iron boots. plus no animal was harmed in the production. thank you Will's Vegan Store!

Low Rig Boots
Phil Morgan
Low Rig Boots

These boots are truly awesome!!!

Footbed Sandals
Victoria Prieto
Comfy, stylish, casual

Really comfortable and cool-looking (at least I think so!). I got them just before my holidays and I've been wearing for two weeks straight with no issues.

Continental Derbys
Phillip Modeen

Continental Derbys

Very sturdy

These are very sturdy. We used these on our trip to Ireland to walk the Dingle Way. Kept my feet dry in the little rain we got. Very good on rocks and climbing the mountains. They did get uncomfortable after 12+ miles, and I did get some blisters. But, it isn't often that I do so much hiking in one day so many days in a row. Overall, a good boot and took the rough terrain well.

Ethical and sturdy

Comfortable and sturdy hiking boots. Reassuring to know that I didn't pay for any animals to be intentionally harmed.

Rio Trainers
Too heavy

I wanted to love these as they are so beautiful, but they are too heavy. I had read reviews saying they were heavy before I bought them, but have had other heavy shoes before, so I thought they might be fine. Sadly, I had to return as they felt like real labour, instead of a fun walking shoe, which is what I was hoping for.


Really hard to slip on. I don't have huge ankles. Hoping they'll loosen with repeated wear. Otherwise, comfortable and elegant.

Not as expected

I really want to like these as they look really great, but after having worn them regularly during the past two months they still hurt my toes and they smell bad. I care for them well and wear clean socks but the smell is strange (it smells a bit like asphalt) and is getting worse. I also don’t like the fact that they make a loud noise when I walk around in them. I do like that they’re sturdy around the heel. All in all I’m quite disappointed. I expected better shoes because a previous purchase was excellent.

Hi Un,

I am really sorry this happened with your sneakers. You should not expect this to happen..

For your peace of mind - If at any point you are not happy for any reason just let us know - we will always refund, replace or try to repair any purchase you make with us.

Just reply back to this message to let us know how you would like to proceed and we can help you further.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be any more help at all,


Comfortable and good looking shoes

Shoes look good and are comfortable wearing even for long days of walking. The only negative side is that they get very hot and both feet and socks end up smelling really bad.

Insulated Dock Boots
Hernan Matias Gauna

The boots look and feel great and are really warm. Overall, I am happy with them. As others said, I think the the size is a bit larger than expected, but it's ok as I am using them in winter with two pair of socks. One smal thing that disappointed me is that the sole tend to be a little bit slippy and I was expecting them to behave well in bad weather.

Milan Turnschuhe
Alexander Richter

Milan Turnschuhe

They are pretty but…

These are very pretty however they do fit 2 sizes too big. I’m sad because I have to return them. I’m debating to exchange them for the size 6 because that may be too small. The fit is awkward and it seems the strap in the back will pull and snap off if I kept them. I am usually a size 7.5-8 but I purchased the 7 and it’s still too big. They are really lovely though and I wish I can keep them. I did put on socks to see how they would fit if it were the right size and they are much more comfortable and not awkward when it fits right, my heal wasn’t sliding all over the place. These are a bit heavy too, but I don’t mind that. Usually I would mind, but it’s fine with these shoes. I will unfortunately be sending these back. This was suppose to be my reward after my surgery, ahhhh well. Sigh
-I’m giving these 3 stars because they are still super cute, just not true to size.