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Amazing boots!

I LOVE THESE BOOTS! They've been amazing from the second I first put them on and are so comfy all day long! I recommend these to everyone!

Waterproof walking boots

Good quality, fit well - would recommend them

Footbed Sandals
Natalia Klus
Very nice!

They are really comfortable and so nice and minimalist looking! Love them! Looking forward to nice weather to get to wear them more! ❤

Great boots!

Perfect fit, really comfy and completely waterproof. I've been wearing them for my gardening work, good grip too. Only suggestion would be for the laces to be a little shorter but that's certainly not a criticism!!

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Natalia Vitinscaia
cool, practical and comfortable

cool, practical and comfortable boots. I have bought one pair for my husband as well. Thank you very much for your products and quality.

Good Quality, Awkward Size

I first order these in a 6.5 as that is my usual size, and what I have ordered for other shoes from Will's. Unfortunately these were far too big and so I sent them back for a size down. They now fit better, but are very tight in terms of width and so the straps rub terribly. I'm persevering and hoping that the more I wear them the more they will soften and shape to my foot, however it's been a while now and I'm losing faith.

They are fantastic quality, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone with wide feet - it's a shame they don't offer these in a 'wide' style, as an extra centimetre would have been perfect.

Great boots

Lovely shoes

Wonderful shoes, so pretty and very comfortable!

NY Sneakers
Dean Crow

NY Sneakers

Sturdy and comfortable

I bought these for my mum who loves walking on the nearby sand dunes. They are very comfortable, but feel sturdy and supportive. The sizes are quite wide, as per the description, but the adjustable straps allow you to tighten them up if necessary, ( though you can only adjust the straps in two places not three as stated, there isn’t an adjustable back strap). They haven’t been washed yet, but haven’t needed it, as the sand brushes off easily. When my existing walking sandals wear out, I will be getting a pair for myself.

Zip Heels
Jennifer M.
Stylish and Comfortable

I bought these shoes to go with close fitting trousers, but they look great with skirts and dresses too. They are very comfortable - I am surprised how far I can walk in them as the heel is quite high for me. I wish they were still available in brown, as I would definitely get a pair.

The comfiest walking shoes I've ever had!

I love these walking shoes. They fit perfectly and have been comfortable from day one. I can wear them all day with no problems, the design is great. I did have an issue with the waterproofing on the first pair as after a short time they weren't keeping my feet dry, however, the customer service was excellent and I received a replacement pair asap. These have had no waterproofing issues. I'm extremely satisfied.

Flatform Brogues
Kimberly Koch
Best shoes ever!

Amazingly comfortable and stylish!

Low Rig Boots
Alex Rogers

I love these boots. Great price and very comfortable. They’ve proved themselves in heavy rain too.

Vegan ties that work for fine hair

Bought these on a whim with a winter boot order. I have fine hair a struggle to find hair accessories that grip without strand breakage or snagging.
These hair ties work brilliantly and even keep my hair controlled exercising and smart at work. Highly recommended.

Not waterproof.

I can’t express how disappointed I was with these shoes. They are NOT waterproof. Was told by customer service they’d had some issues with quality control, which doesn’t seem a satisfactory response really. I did get a full refund in the end, but dealing with customer service was painful. Just ended up feeling like an ordeal. Really wanted to give the sustainable option a try, but seems the technology just isn’t up to scratch in this particular product category yet. Sadly wouldn’t recommend. (Wasn’t going to review either, but I kept getting emailed to review! So here I am.)

Great boots

We wore these from morning until bedtime for 9 days whilst driving a camper van around iceland. Paired with some vegan friendly Thorlos Thorlon thick cushion socks these were so comfortable, both my wife and I had no discomfort at all the whole trip.
Very grippy sole, so much better than other grip levels previous boots have had. My wife has extremely bad circulation and her feet didn't get cold once with this boot/sock combo. Really impressed with these.

Great boots!

They're perfectly comfortable from first trying on, no need to break in! The insole is a bit hard but you can easily replace it with something more comfortable

Love them!!!

I bought these boots as the shoes weren't available but so pleased I did now. They've been great to walk in and not a blister in sight. They're so comfortable. I did put in new inner soles as I need them anyway. It's a pleasure to walk in them. I love the style, the fabric and the chunky sole. I'll still be getting the shoes too 😁

Comfy, true to size.

As title suggests, boots are comfy and fits well. Came with secure packaging. Overall, I’m happy with it. Thanks Will and team!

Not quite what I had hoped for ...

Full marks for ethical shoes and carbon neutral delivery and packaging. The shoes themselves don't suit me however. They are a near miss on style, with things like the split line of the sole moulding visible at the toes making them seem a bit, well, cheap. The insole liner is not stuck down and, for me, moved backwards as I walked bunching up at the heal and revealing the hard inner of the shoe at the toes - I have solved this with some epoxy resin but should I have to glue my own shoes? The laces seem too short for me, with the shoe loosely laced for comfort I did not have enough length to lace all the holes. They are designed to be as airy as possible, but they still don't breathe enough for my hot feet! I wanted to like these, I really did, but could not recommend them. I wanted them for daily wear, and they could be fine for that if your feet are different to mine, but it is worth noting, I would not consider them for running, these are not suitable for pounding roads.

Good sturdy boots

With there being only 2 options of vegan boots from the main UK retailer, I decided to give these a try... way better quality then the 2 known brands I tried in Go Outdoors.

They are sturdy and a bit chunky but I personally need that support. If you like a flexi sole these arent for you.

They are SUPER waterproof and have good grip. Like othet reviews I could wear them straight out of the box with no blisters. This is unheard of for me as all shoes give me blister!

The only downside is I find they hurt my heals on longer walks and there isn't much padding on the sole. Im going to get insoles to make them more suitable for long walks.


Lovely satchel. Fits my 13 inch Mac book air and uni books. Or just for everyday at work. Good quality faux leather. And it’s soft to.

Low Dock Boots
Christopher Upton
Great boots but size down

Really comfy and better construction than expected from other reviews, but I needed to go 1 full UK size down from normal (two EU sizes).

Very comfortable shoes!

I use them for the gym and they are very comfortable. I've had no blisters or issues even the first time I wore them. Definitely recommend